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Submit your freight rate request using our Freight Rate Consortium and receive freight bids for your freight movements usually within 24 hours. Our Freight Rate Consortium puts shippers and trucking companies together in one easy, simple process! This service is provided FREE by

You can submit your freight for bids to several trucking companies at once by using the form below. Once completed, click on the “Submit Information” button. Your freight rate request will be emailed to all trucking companies enrolled in our Rate Consortium. The trucking companies will bid on your freight movements by emailing or calling you with their rates directly.’s Freight Rate service saves time and money. Since your freight movement request is sent to many carriers simultaneously, this process eliminates the need and costs associated with submitting multiple requests.Additionally, you will only receive bids from trucking companies that are interested in moving your freight.

Trucking Companies, Brokerages and Logistics:
To receive freight rate requests from our Rate Consortium you may register  by CLICKING HERE. Freight Rate requests will be emailed directly to you in real time. Once you receive a request, simply contact the shipper with your bid via email or by phone with your freight bid or freight quote.Please only bid on freight you can service or actively want to pursue.

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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