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 wants to wish you all “A happy and prosperous 2009” is really excited about this year. We are ringing in the New Year with 4 new major services for the trucking industry.

(1)New Hot Shot load Board

(2)New performance based way of Advertising

(3)Pilot car companies can now add pictures of their equipment with their listing

(4) An affiliate program for site owners and web site developers to earn revenue



(1)New freight board aimed for Hot Shotters’

Truckinfo.nets’ “Ship Yourself” section is designed to put shippers and transporters together. The shipper can be anyone who needs to ship anything from household pets, cars, boats, furniture, small loads, big loads, LTL loads to full truckloads of steel, lumber, building materials, machinery and general commodities. The transporter can be range from individuals, drive-a ways, hot shots, car haulers, and tractor trailers to specialized equipment that will provide the service. There is no cost to be a shipper or transporter in our “Ship Yourself” section. will save expenses and time for both the shipper and transporter by putting only interested parties together. Another money and time saving feature is both parties are dealing directly with each other, no middle man are involved. With the bidding system has provided in our “Ship Yourself” section. Shippers and transporters can know and be assured that they are entering into a fair and reasonable business agreement for both parties involved.

The process is very simple for both parties involved. A person or company posts a shipment in which transporters can bid on. Transporters can bid on the shipments from a shipper. The shipper then can review all the bids posted for that shipment. They can then accept or reject those bids from transporters. Once a bid is accepted / rejected the transporter is notified via email that his bid has been accepted/rejected. Both parties are then given each other’s contact information and deal directly with each other to complete the business at hand. When both parties agree then and only then will charges a minimal fee to the transporters credit card. The amount charged can be viewed in our users’ agreement. The only charges a shipper is responsible for is the payment to the transporter that provides the service. That simple. You can become a member by going to our site and clicking on the listing “Hot shot freight” in the left side navigation bar.


To assist hot shot companies get exposure. We have also crested a Hot Shot Trucking Company directory that hot shotters can be listed in utilizing our "add my listing" program


(2)For Advertisers’’s “add my listing”  is an advertising campaign that is operated by a PPC (pay per click) system based on performance. Our PPC system is superior in so many ways to the old ways of advertising. There are three big benefits of advertising this way. First, you control the position of your listing instead of the old way which is being listed alphabetically in descending order. Listings in our sponsored links are placed from highest to lowest priced PPC. You can move your listing up or down in the directory by how much you set for your PPC.

Secondly, you can control the amount you spend for advertising from $20 to $20,000. You have complete control. Once your budget has been reached you simple cancel or pause your listing. If you want to expand your campaign, you simply add more revenue to your campaign. Thirdly and we think most important is sponsored listings are performance based instead of paying a flat fee and hoping for results or traffic. You only pay when someone clicks on your listing. You are not charged for just being listed in our directories. You are paying for results. We do not know about you but, we do not mind paying for advertising if we get results. With’s sponsored links, you a guaranteed that is the case! You can start becoming a sponsored listing by going to the page you want to be listed on and click on the “add my listing” at the top right of the directory listings.


(3)For Pilot Car Members

We know many of you have had tremendous success utilizing our Pilot Car Network. THANK YOU for all the emails.

In Truckinfo.nets’ pursuit to provide our customers leading edge technology to help you increases profits and operate more efficiently. has just added a new option for pilot car members!

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words! You now have the option of adding a picture to your account for trucking companies to view your equipment. All you need to do is login to our Pilot Car Network. Click on the “Add a picture”. Do a browse, Find the picture you want then click “upload picture” and a picture will be added for potential customers to view or when they click on your location. It is a very simple, easy process we think will help increase revenue for you!


(4)For Everyone, Our Affiliate Program will earn you revenue. wants to share our success with our customers and viewers by offering an affiliate program. Our affiliate program will be released within the next two weeks. If you have a web site or are a web developer you can instantly start earning $$$$ virtually with no time involved and care free.


Truckinfo.nets’ affiliate program is a program where you can add banners or text to your site by a simple copy and paste process. Once they are on your site we will track who comes from your site to our site. When a person registers for one of our services you receive a commission from everyone that registers. One thing we are doing that many do not. Most pay a onetime finder’s fee. We are doing one better! For every month that person is a member, you will receive a commission! Just think about this. If you get 10 people to register and your commission is $10 per person, that’s $100/month for the length they are a customers, possibly for life! This has real money earning potential for you. We know! We have some affiliations we do ourselves. Some produce thousands of dollars monthly. They really increase our bottom line. We will provide you with full reports of your affiliate program, its activity, its revenue etc.


If any of you have any questions, concerns or needs, Please feel free to contact me.


Scott / TI