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Onboard Truck Scales and Permanent Scales

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Air-Weigh is the most accurate, affordable, and reliable on-board truck scale in the world. Operators get everything needed to monitor weights and load it right the first time. Swap trailers without recalibration or data entry, weigh up to six axle groups, weigh each LTL load separately, print weight receipts and interface with computers and communications equipment. Multiplexing between tractor and trailer means no second disconnect cable. Easy to install and operate. Buy online and save

B-TEK, Inc., is a premier designer and ISO 9001 Registered manufacturer of industrial scales and weighing systems including truck scales, railroad track scales, heavy impact scales, floor scales, and bench scales. Other scale products including load cells, load cell mounting assemblies, j-boxes, and scale accessories including scoreboards, traffic lights and intercom systems are available

CAT Scales
CAT Scale Company provides the professional truck driver a reliable, accurate, and certified weight through the cooperative relationship with our truckstop partners. We will guarantee the highest quality at a fair price.We are totally committed to strengthening our number one position

PM on Board
PM On Board Ltd make Vehicle Weighing Systems for the road haulage and freight transport industries. We offer the most comprehensive range of on-board truck scales, loadcells, indicators, displays for; Tipping vehicles, waste refuse trucks, logging wagons, and skip lorries, in fact anyone in the business of hauling goods.

Integrated Visual Data Technology Inc. is the manufacturer of the most comprehensive line of heavy duty on-board check weighing instruments, recording and control systems for lift trucks and loaders . All SkidWeigh units operate on the electronic pressure transducer mounted in the hydraulic lift system of the material handling vehicle and can be easily installed by the lift truck technician. All of the on-board check weighing systems can be purchased from IVDT Inc. or through your local Lift Truck Dealer in the USA, Mexico and Canada. The OEM Division now offers the dashboard mounted ED-Series digital load weight readout,  as a part of it's product range.

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