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Crete Carrier
Crete Carrier Jobs offer Truck Drivers Dry Van, Flatbed & Refrigerated Trucking Jobs for Drivers throughout the United States

Shaffer Trucking
Shaffer Trucking offers refrigerated trucking jobs drivers high paying home weekly, regional & OTR Jobs all over the United States.

MasterKi Systems
Looking for qualified driver to move installation crews from site to site in North Dakota and Montana. Compensation to be discussed. 5 days on the road and two days off. Benefits included. No heavy lifting. Some logistical planning. 2005 showhauler

Aquatic Trucking
Aquatic Company, the Nationís leading manufacturer of fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs and showers has immediate openings for CDL-A Truck Drivers in a few nationwide locations.


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Our Trucking Job Center has a proven track record of connecting job seekers and employers in the trucking industry. Whether you are looking for a trucking job, an owner operator job, trucking management job or other employment in the  trucking industry, our service is FREE to anyone submitting an application. When you submit your application it will be forwarded to over 60 trucking companies with just one click of the mouse. Just choose the type of application that best applies to your desired position, complete it, and submit. The process is as simple as that! Soon you will be on your way to a new or advanced career in the trucking industry.

If you are looking specifically for local or regional employment or have a certain job opening that needs filled in a certain area, you may also be interested in our  Jobline Load Posting Board  also. We welcome any and all Comments about our Career Center and encourage you to review the Comments about the service below. If you have any questions feel free to Contact US.

*Note* All applications are digitally encrypted 128 bit SSL feed, making them very secure and safe

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 Comments about Our Trucking Job Center

"I found your site to be a great help to me in my search for the right job. Thank you for all your help."  -- Daniel T

"Thank you so very much for such a great web site.  Thanks to your site I was able to get a fantastic job with a great company within 2 hours.  I have had to turn down other job offers, and they are still coming in everyday.  The response has been great." -- Don

"Thank you for letting me know you received application, This was the first time I've every done anything like this. Your services are a great help, for it would have taken me weeks to reach some of prospective jobs that was listed. I would definitely give this rating of ten, it was easy to fill out and asked for helpful information for all who will receive my app." -- Carl

"I love your website. It is a lifesaver to drivers. What I love most about it is that it's not just for drivers. It's for everybody.  It's filled all kinds of vital information. So please keep up the good work. And thank you for helping America move forward by helping drivers like me land the best job without leaving his house." -- Mike

"I think the site is great, Makes it easy to find the jobs you want so thank you for doing that for me and I will use your site again Thanks for everything." -- Mike

"On a scale from 1-10, I will give a 9. Your website has really been useful to me. I feel that because of it, I'm going to land a really good truck driving job and for a good company. You have saved me much time. I've only had to complete one job application and that application has been distributed to many trucking companies of my own choosing.Keep up the brilliant work." -- Larry

"This site is ahead of it class. I haven't visited a site like this before.This site allows me to apply at various companies by using one application. I feel like this site is designed for me." -- Keith

"I think your site is very good. I got everything I needed. I would rate it a ten. Thanks for everything." -- Jason

"Your site was very helpful, Thank You!! I went back 2 a co. that i was driving with B4. I did receive a few ph. calls after placing an on line application on your site." -- Larry

"Great site. Helpful!" -- Mark

"I think your site is great. I wonder if it could be more suited from a local stand point. Keep up the good work." -- Mark

"I think our site was very well organized and I thank you for your prompt responses." -- Marc

"I thought your site was great.  I am a newly licensed driver and already, as of 0200 this AM, am exploring what else is available - a company has already wasted some of my time.  Enough about that though.  The only thing I noticed is that the drop down bar for the year license issued only goes to 1998.  Suggest you add 99-01 as there are undoubtedly many drivers like myself who haven't had their CDL for many years.  But overall, I like the site, very useful, and doesn't waste peoples' time. Keep up good work, and just FYI...excite search got me to" -- Bill

"If i get hired or not, you people at are definitely doing your job. I have provided myself with obstacles due to  bad decisions I made when i was younger of course which extends as far back as 9 years, however i have been contacted by 3 companies since contacting" -- Tim

"I found your site to be one of the best that I have had the pleasure of visiting. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You're an asset to the trucking community!" -- Dennis

" was very easy to use. I enjoyed this site because most sites I've been to you have to go thru a bunch of links just to get what you want, not with I give a 10. Thank You For making it quick and simple." -- Patricia

"I am very glad i found your web site. I found all the information I needed and more. I wish that Delta Truck Driving Academy had told  me about it. It would have saved me alot of time and would have eased my mind about finding a job.  Thank you very much for your time and for your generosity in helping me with putting in applications. You have been very helpful." -- Chris

"I think this is a great site you got here, and it really works. I've had trucking companies calling me and hopefully I will be joining one of them  pretty soon. Like i said it's a great site you got here, keep up the good work." -- Hugo

"I just want to say when I saw come up on my internet I felt so relived that their was a place that I could look for jobs and apply for a trucking job that trainee new drivers. is the best I've seen yet. Thanks so very much for an internet service like this." -- Frank

"Your website was definitely a 10 to me. I have had at least 4 offers for jobs and in as little as a half an hour after posting it on your website. Thank you very much your website was awesome!" -- Larry

"On the 15th of June I submitted an on-line application and on the 16th of June I received a phone call about a job. Fantastic!" -- Dennis

"When I heard about your site I thought this is to good to be true, 60 companies in one application? I was pleasantly surprised to find this was indeed true! Your site is a first class operation easy to use and navigate." -- Mike

"I just wanted you to know  I was very impressed. I actually had a job over within hours of filling out your application and more keep coming in. Thank you, it makes job hunting in my area much easier." -- Charles

"Excellent site, instant results. Thanks and keep up this site!" -- Emil

"Your site worked out super the way it is. I already have had a reply from the company that I was thinking about going to work for. Thank you." -- Art

"I was called within four hours of filling out the application. I would only suggest that you divide the application "work experience" segment into a "CTD" and then "other." I have only finished driving school and have no experience." -- Bruce

"This sight really works. 45 minutes after I applied a recruiter called and the following Monday I was in orientation. Now I'm crabbing gears cruising the big roads listening to oldies on the radio. Thank you." -- Dan

"Your site is the fastest and less time consuming for the driver that I have seen. I don't understand why other sites don't create a master application that can be sent to all interested companies. Once a company is interested a driver can then supply additional information, this saves the driver seeking employment a load of time that he would normally have wasted filling out numerous applications only to find out that certain companies are not hiring in his particular area. Great job! Sites like yours make America run like a well-oiled machine." -- Tim

"On a scale of 1 thru 10 you would be a 10. I have already received call today and I do thank you!" -- Sandra

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"Your site has allowed me to get a better choice of companies to put my driving skills to use. I would rate you a 10 easily." -- Terry