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Oil Analysis, Lubricant Analysis for Truckers

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Mobile Analytical Laboratories

Oil Analysis
Welcome to Noria's, the world's oil analysis educational resources.

Polaris Laboratories
POLARIS is dedicated to providing quality oil analysis programs to virtually any industry utilizing lubricants, coolants, fuels, greases and water based fluids.  The name POLARIS is significant in two ways, 1) it is the North Star which has been used for centuries as the navigation star. 2) For our purposes, POLARIS stands for Performance Oil Lab And Reliable Information Service

Titan Fluids Analysis and Oil Analysis Services
Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, Titan Laboratories™ has been providing "Fluid Solutions" through comprehensive Fluids Analysis and Oil Analysis services since 1978.  By processing and reporting two million samples throughout North America and the World, Titan  Laboratories™ has become the technology leader in Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance,  and Proactive Maintenance.  The testing and interpretation of used engine oils, coolants, transmission  fluids, industrial lubricants, and fuels provides valuable asset management information.