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AC Delco

Wherever you find equipment at work, you'll also find Baldwin Filters. Our business is protecting engines and engine-powered systems. During six decades of steady growth, we've become a world-class filter manufacturer positioned in the top rank of heavy-duty brands. Baldwin filters - air, oil, fuel, hydraulic, coolant and transmission - are the world-wide choice for rugged jobs.

Filter 1
Filter1 is a new business in Central New York, started to make filters more affordable.  We specialize in heavy duty filters for fleets.  Because we specialize in filters, we can offer very low prices on quality WIX FILTERS  Also as a result of concentrating on filters, we will remain committed to meeting all of your filter needs.  Our customers receive top notch service.



PuraDYN Filter Technologies

RCI Purifier

Spinner II Products


Wix Filters
WIX manufactures quality products for the automotive, heavy duty, agricultural, industrial, and specialty filter markets. Our products include oil, air, fuel, cabin interior and hydraulic filters.