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While on the road the second biggest reason calling for help is to get a Jump-start. We have a solution that will save you time and money. It is the most powerful jump-starter in it's class. Don't let the size full you!

Trucker Tax Help- PerformaTax
Tax Relief Services Designed Specifically for Truckers- With No Up-Front Fees. File Current & Back Taxes, Stop Bank Levies, Liens, & Garnishments, Innocent Spouse Relief, and More. Tax Specialists Standing By 9AM-5PM, Mon-Fri PST

ETHO'S FR 3 IN 1 Product Boost Your Bottom Line. Reducing Maintence Cost by Significantly Extending Parts & Engine Life. Increasing Miles Per Gallon an Average of 7-19% (or more) on all Vehicles. Reducing Toxic Emissions an Average of 30% or More.

Amot Controls
AMOT Controls first began operations back in the late 1940's under the name American Motors Co., using as its trademark the contraction "AMOT". After the formation of the automotive group of the same name several years later, the firm's title was changed to AMOT Controls Corporation, to agree with its well known trademark. AMOT initially offered quality thermostatic valves for small marine and industrial engine use. Soon it was supplying larger sizes to the entire internal combustion engine industry, and in a short time these valves became the accepted "standard". Later, AMOT introduced its original lines of basic safety components for engines and other heavy duty equipment. Many control systems innovations such as the first commercially accepted Pneumatic Indicating Relay have kept AMOT a leading source of Safety and Sequencing Controls since that time.

Ashland Diesel Engines, Inc.
Serving the diesel industry since 1991, when we took over this facility from Cummins Diesel Engines. Located here since the early fifties as a Cummins Distributor and now among the largest dealerships in the state. We have recieved the *Cummins Quest* award every year since 1993 and were voted #1 in the nation in 1994. We continually strive to "SATISY THE CUSTOMER" with Quality Service-Competitive Prices and Fast Turnaround.

Caterpillar Engine Division

Central Detroit Diesel-Allison


Detroit Diesel

Diesel Engine Trader
Connecting Buyers and Sellers of diesel engines. Thousands of new, reman, used and good-for-parts engines available

Diesel Head & Parts Service Inc.
Founded in 1974, Diesel Head & Parts has grown into one of the world's premiere parts remanufacturing facilities by offering the most complete line of services dedicated to the wholesale heavy duty re-manufactured truck parts industry, construction, marine applications, mining, and last but not least agriculture.

Diesel Injection
After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 1964, Jim Doughty used his oilfield background working for a southern Oklahoma oil company as a production superintendent. This is where Jim was first exposed to diesel fuel injection. In 1968, Jim Doughty moved from Ardmore, Oklahoma to Lubbock, Texas with his wife Leeanne, and started Diesel Injection Service of West Texas. The original shop was 540 square feet but by 1971 business had grown and a new location of 1600 square feet was needed.In 1976, Diesel Injection Service opened it's first store in Odessa, in 1979 a store was built in Dallas and then in 1981 a store was built in Amarillo. When the Dallas store was opened the company changed to Diesel Injection Service of Texas, Inc.. In 1981, because of expansion more space was needed, so a corporate office complex was added

Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh

FEMCO No-Spill Systems Inc

Manufacturer for over 35 years of high performance belt-driven and electric engine cooling fans,engine and transmission oil coolers, and accessories

Heavy Duty OEM Parts
Heavy duty OEM parts at your fingertips. Browse through 5000 Volvo parts, Caterpillar, Cummins and more.

Heavy Duty Rebuilders Supply, Inc.
Heavy Duty Rebuilders Supply, Inc.-Worldwide supplier of used and reconditioned diesel engines and component parts core for rebuilding. Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit, International and Mack.

With nearly three million Horton fan drives on the road, Horton is the undisputed leader in cooling system technology. With applications that include heavy and medium duty trucking, buses, motor coaches, agricultural, construction and other off-road equipment, our fan drives and after-market parts are known as the toughest on the job. Truck and off-road manufacturers, and their customers, have come to depend on the Horton reputation for high quality and reliability.

Industrial Parts Depot
Manufacturer of quality products for diesel and natural gas powered equipment. From a simple beginning in 1955, IPD has developed into a unique manufacturing company. IPD owns and operates all the equipment necessary for production of high quality products and services to supply our customers for 12 world-wide factory owned distribution centers.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems

Kim Hotstart

Melett LTD.
Melett Ltd was started in 1995 by Melvyn J. Hackett who was formally M.D. of Garrett After Market for 9 years and previously responsible for setting up and managing Roto-Master Ltd as M.D., from 1976.To enhance the engineering and product quality, Dave Etchells joined the company in January 1998. In his career Dave has worked at Holset and also has experience in After Market reconditioning.

DriverMax by Mirenco is a fully programmable electronic system that reduces the smoke density of diesel exhaust by 40 to 60%.  This level of reduction is achieved by precisely matching the throttle demand with the combustion efficiency of the engine. DriverMax has NO impact on current engine performance.  Added benefits are: Increased Fuel Economy, Lower Maintenance Costs, Longer Engine / Drivetrain Life, and Longer Engine Tune-up and Service Intervals.

National Truck Protection

Penn Detroit Diesel
For over 40 years, we at Penn Detroit Diesel Allison have been providing, our customers with the latest innovations in diesel engines, automatic transmissions, generator sets and replacement parts. We've always prided ourselves on developing solutions to customer problems through a combination of superior products, highly trained technicians, and timely response

Phillips Temro
Phillips & Temro Industries - manufacturer of ZeroStart Cold Weather Starting Products, Cowl & EM Products Silencers, and Vibra Dump Truck Body vibrators. We also custom design and manufacture products for agricultural, automotive, heavy duty truck, and other OEM suppliers.

PosiTech International
PosiTech International, headquartered in Wheeling, West Virginia, is the  nation's largest remanufacturer and rebuilder of oil coolers used on diesel engines for over-the-road truck, off-highway, stationary, marine, and all other diesel applications.PosiTech International was founded in 1985 to address an industry need for a quality remanufactured oil cooler wherein previously such oil coolers were routinely being discarded and replaced with expensive new oil coolers.PosiTech International is the nations largest remanufacturer and rebuilder of oil coolers, whose main goal is to provide the best quality product and most competitive price.

Precision Methods Co. Inc., dba PREMCO, was one of the first, and is still one of the only American owned and operated manufacturers of *Cummins and *Caterpillar fuel injection parts & components. Our diesel injector parts are of the highest quality available for your diesel truck engine or any diesel engine application. We have been manufacturing and assembling diesel fuel injection parts of superior quality and performance with guaranteed components for over 20 years. Whether it is fuel injection pumps, injector kits, or any injector parts for your diesel engine, we can help

At Giles & Ransome, Inc., we understand your equipment needs and are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum performance in your field.As a full-line Cat dealer, Giles & Ransome (G&R) represents the complete line of Caterpillar products and is uniquely qualified to handle all of your equipment needs. We provide sales, rental, parts and service support, as well as a wide variety of financing options

SSI Technologies Inc

Turbodyne Technologies
Turbodyne Technologies Inc. is a leading engineering company in the design and development of charging technology to enhance the performance of internal combustion engines. Turbodyne’s technology is based upon DC/AC, very high speed, high-powered, electronically commutated electric motors. This technology has been incorporated into Turbodyne’s two primary products, the Dynacharger™ and the Turbopac™.

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