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Aprize Satellite Inc.
Aprize Satellite developed an entirely new method for tracking and monitoring earthly assets by satellite and 'intelligent' user equipment. It's a method that is so practical and effective that it not only fulfills your need to track and monitor your assets anywhere on the planet - it also practically pays for itself once you place it in service.

Bell Atlantic

Calling Bargains, your Lowest Rate Long Distance Service Provider. Here at CallingBargains you can find virtually every kind of telecommunications service you can think of - from Long Distance to Calling Cards, from Cellular/PCS to Paging Services, from Internet Access to Web Hosting - you name it. We are a reseller for top service providers in the United States like OPEX, AT&T Wireless, PowerNet Global, DIRECTV, to name but a few. Due to the large volume of services that we buy from these providers we are able to resell them at extremely low rates,the best in the industry.

Located in the SOMA district of Downtown San Francisco, and founded in the summer of 2000, Click4prepaid is well positioned to be the leader of online prepaid telecom services with the lowest rates in the market. Using the Lucky Reward program has become the pioneer in online agent programs and the opportunity to profit in the prepaid market. focuses on customer satisfaction and quality service guarantee. Privately owned and operated by Lucky Comm, Click4prepaid is a channel for end users and resellers to tap into the great services offered by Lucky Communications through the Internet.

cb Wireless is dedicated to providing high-quality, "off-the-shelf" hardware and software to allow you to track and communicate with your mobile workforce. All of's products were designed for easy integration with existing applications in mind. Our modular product architecture makes tracking and two-way messaging  products the ones to grow with.
You work too hard for your money these days to hand over more money than necessary to big bill companies! Why pay more than you have to for long distance? Especially when you can cut your bill in half without sacrificing the quality of your phone calls or the customer service you receive! Here at Discount Long Distance Rates, we can help you find the best rates to meet your business or personal needs.

ELOCAS is a Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Based company using the latest network technogies including GSM/GPRS Cellular networking, to aide fleet managers in gathering real-time field information pertaining to the location of fleet assets no matter what the size. We also supply an assortment of customized fleet management tools developed to assist the long and short haul delivery service.

With over thirty-seven years in wireless communications, Glentel is a leading satellite communications company. Whether you need one unit or an entire system, Glentel's expertise is in creating an affordable solution to meet your specific communications requirements.

Grey Island Systems Inc. is your one-stop source for Wireless Internet Applications and Network Design. GIS Inc. has been forging new ground in wireless application development and deployment for several years. The hallmark of our success has been to bring leading edge techniques into the mainstream of our client's business operations.

KVH Industries Inc..

Mobile Solutions Inc.
Mobile Solutions, Inc. provides software and services to optimize mobile workforce operations. We offer end-to-end system solutions for intelligent web services in dispatch, work management, GPS/GIS, and related disciplines using wireless data through globally distributed service centers. Our advanced technologies include innovative software, wireless data communications, and the Internet

Phone Cards Mart is a reseller offering the sale of both actual cards and electronically delivered pins to the retail public at discount prices.

Qualcomm Inc.
QUALCOMM Incorporated is a leader in developing and enabling innovative digital wireless communications products and services based on the Company's digital technologies.

Stratos Global Corporation


WebTech Wireless
Wireless vehicle location services provider delivering GPS tracking and two-way messaging services for wireless carriers, private and trucking fleets, and vehicle owners.

Wireless Links Inc

XM Radio Satellite
XM Radio is America's most popular satellite radio service giving you the power to choose what you want to hear - wherever and whenever you want it. XM Radio offers 70 music channels - more than any other satellite radio service. Plus 30 channels of news, talk, sports and entertainment. XM Radio offers you freedom from static and distortion. Sit back, listen, and open yourself to the excitement of radio as you've never heard it before!

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