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AirTabs™ are small efficient streamliners that are the first practical solution for reducing the drag at the back of large vehicles. Airtabs™ work on Trucks, Trailers, Box Van's, RV's and any just about any large vehicle ,and work in concert with exisiting air flow kits.

Nose Cone
Nose Cone - A world leader in truck and trailer aerodynamics. Trailer mounted Nose Cone bridges the gap between tractor and trailer increasing mileage .5 mpg or more.Learn more about tractor/trailer aerodynamics and how the Nose Cone can help you save on their website. Money back guarantee.

Taylor Wings
In 1978 Taylor Wings began to see early signs of interest from the Trucking Industry in Aerodynamics and Fuel Savings. While we had been producing Wings for Race Cars for many years, the notion of a Wing on a truck was rather new. Of course one thing led to another and before we knew it, the truckers were not only enjoying the "Look" of that Wing on their truck, but it was actually saving them fuel. Who knew? Now Taylor Wings has moved into the age of Robotics with new State of the Art manufacturing machinery for increased Product Quality and Production Speed. We are excited about our future and we look forward to taking care of our customer's needs for many years to come

Turbo Shield
The Turbo Shield™ is a revolutionary fuel saving and road safety device. Attached to a vehicle just in front of an axle, the extremely durable polypropylene Turbo Shield™ greatly controls undercarriage turbulence. With significantly less drag on the vehicle, operators of semis, trucks, SUV's, vans, buses and motorhomes can see improvements of .4 - .75 miles per gallon. The Turbo Shield™ also decreases the amount of excess water and air distributed around a vehicle, a major concern facing trucking companies and all other travelers of our highways.

Turbo Wing
Wingmaster Inc. has created a unique design. Our unique design , that similar to the wing of an airplane, was developed in the early 1970's. Over a period of two years Wingmaster Inc. worked hand in hand with the leading engineers at Jet Propulsion Lavatory (N.A.S.A.) and Aerovironment Company proved that our deflectors were effective at significantly reducing air drag and increasing fuel mileage