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*C, G & J Inc.
C, G & J, Inc. carries a full line of new charge air coolers and cores for the aftermarket. C, G & J, Inc. has been manufacturing Charge Air Coolers for the after market for over 10 years. With thousands of units in service all over North America, you can have confidence that the Charge Air Cooler you purchase is one of the finest made in the industry. Our coolers are also covered by one of the best warranties in the business - *2 year unlimited miles.We carry an extensive line of coolers and with 5 warehouses around the country, why call anyone else? Give us a call today ~ C, G & J, Inc. Charge Air Coolers 1-800-223-4299, we are ready to help you with a fast and friendly quote. At C, G & J, Inc. we also have the capability for building high performance intercoolers and any custom size charge air cooler.

Griffin Thermal Products
Griffin Radiator was founded by racers who know what it takes to run hard and finish first! This philosophy has been the foundation of Griffin manufacturing since it's inception in 1981. The high demand requirements of racing has been the driving force that has enabled Griffin to develop and build virtually any after market radiator! As the only specialty after market manufacturer of aluminum radiators, Griffin can build what you need! From racing to street, to street rodding Griffin has the knowledge and the technology to serve you in your radiator requirements. Located in Piedmont, South Carolina, Griffin employs the latest methods to provide you with high quality, high tech aluminum radiators!